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Welcome to this section of Groovy Graphics ! Here you'll find the latest background sets I've made. All images here are free for personal use. I ask that you please add a link back to Groovy Graphics if you use any of my background sets but it isn't mandatory. Please don't break up the background sets... they were made as a set and I hope you'll respect the work that I put into them by keeping them together as sets. Also, don't add these images to your own graphics site and claim them as your own. Have fun and please consider adding a link back to Groovy Graphics from your website. Thanks !
The following link will take you to the newest background sets I've made. I now have 2 pages of background sets here on 50megs.com. Check 'em out ! A LARGE portion of Groovy Graphics was deleted by another webspace provider because my site was using too much bandwidth thanks to rude people who direct-linked to my images there. I'm working hard to get the entire site back online, so please visit again soon.

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